Pallet Sizes

Four way entry pallet

L: 1000mm/39.4″
W: 1200mm/47.2″


Euro pallet

L: 1200mm/47.2″
W: 800mm/31.5″


Chep Pallet

L: 1000mm/39.4″
W: 1200mm/47.2″


One way pallet

L: Varies
W: Varies


US standard 2 way

L: 1219mm/48″
W: 1016mm/40″


US standard 4 way

L: 1219mm/48″
W: 1016mm/40″


If you’re looking for the best freight forwarder Gatwick has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Transvalair have a wide range of pallet sizes for your shipments, whether you’re looking for four-way entry pallets, Euro pallets, chep pallets, one-way pallets, US Standard two-way pallets or US standard 4-way pallets. Since their invention, pallets have largely replaced the heavy and cumbersome wooden boxes and barrels that were once used, and Transvalair are a Freight Forwarder in Gatwick that are more than prepared to cater for this replacement. Our pallet sizes cater to many standards worldwide, though there is no universal size standard. Each country and firm will have their own standards, so be sure to research exactly what size you need before you send your cargo with freight forwarder Gatwick provider Transvalair.

For more information about our pallets and the sizes available through us here at Transvalair, see our table, or read on for more details. If you’d like to speak with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Which pallet sizes are best for your shipments?

Choosing the right pallet size for your shipment is important for ensuring a safe and efficient delivery. Our pallets come in six different sizes, so for your freight forwarder Gatwick, look no further than Transvalair. Wooden pallets are typically made of three or four stringers that support deckboards that the goods then sit on. In the case of measurements, the first number is always the stringer length, and the second is the deckboard length. In general, square or nearly-square pallets are best for avoiding tipping, and we’ve taken this into account with our available pallet sizes.

Four-way pallets are especially good for heavy loads and are usually best lifted using their stringers. In general, these pallets are heavier, bigger and more durable than any two-way or one-way pallets, making them perfect for your bigger, heavier shipments. Our four-way pallets are as follows: The standard Four-Way Entry pallet is a rectangular pallet perfect for any deliveries 1000x1200mm or less, our Euro pallet that fits the industry standard size set by EPAL measuring 1200x800mm, the Chep Pallet measuring 1000x1200mm and our US standard 4 way pallet that is perfect for any shipments to the USA measuring 1219x1016mm.

Two-way pallets aren’t as strong as four-way pallets, but weigh less and are still perfect for lighter loads that may not need something as hefty as a four-way pallet. Our US standard 2-way pallet is the standard for North America, and it measures at 1219x1016mm, or 48×40”. Similarly, our one-way pallet lacks the strength of the four-way, but is perfect for light loads.

There is no universal standard, so make sure you look into exactly what the measurements are when sending your cargo through Transvalair. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.