Specialist Freight Services

Warehouse Storage

Cargo awaiting transportation needs to be held in a secure warehouse. Transvalair group has three secure warehouses: One at Heathrow Airport, the second at our HQ at Gatwick Airport and the third is located in Martlesham ideally located just outside the busy Port of Felixstowe and boasting 15,000 sq ft of storage space. This then means that after using our Specialist Freight Services you can be assured of a safe and reliable location to store your goods.

All Transvalair groups warehouses are Department of Transport security listed, approved by the Government for secure warehousing and registered with UKWA (UK Warehousing Association).

Our warehousing services include:

  • Consolidations
  • Repackaging & labelling
  • Aircraft palletisation
  • Sea freight palletisation
  • Loading/Unloading of Containers
  • Long and short-term storage and secure document storage
  • Logistic solutions

Freight Packing Service

There are always risks attached to project cargo, cargo handling and Specialist Freight Services. But who gets the blame, and, more importantly, who pays the bill if the shipment is damaged? Our freight packing service ensures that your project cargo or goods arrive not only on time, but also in the same condition as when they were dispatched. Our in-house team of packing specialists understand all of the procedures and regulations, making outsourcing your packing the most sensible and stress-free option. Our Specialist Freight Services allow you peace of mind when shipping anything from glass to antiques.

Our Freight Packing Service include:

  • In-house packing
  • Out of gauge
  • Abnormal loads
  • Hazardous packing
  • Awkward loads

Warehouse - Transvalair

Documentation Service

It’s important that import and export documentation is correct from the outset. Mistakes are costly and can damage reputation and goodwill. Worse, they can incur financial penalties and result in lost custom.

With the amount of documentation required increasing, Transvalair employs a team of experts to ensure that your submissions are completed quickly and accurately. We allow you to focus on customer satisfaction rather than import and export regulations with our Specialist Freight Service.

Our documentation service includes:

  • Preparation of consular documents and letters of credit
  • Import/export certificates of origin and licences with advice on possible restrictions
  • Negotiation of overseas payments by letters of credit and other methods
  • Commercial invoices with combined certificate-of-origin and value forms
  • Passport and visa services
  • Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) documentation
  • Advice and negotiation on product classifications for duty assessment
  • Intrastat and customs pre- and post-entry procedures
  • Worldwide pre-clearance services
  • Hazardous certification

Specialist Service

Providing Specialist Freight Services to routine destinations requires attention to detail and forward planning. But not everything is standard.

At Transvalair group we specialise in developing individual specialist freight service programmes for one-off consignments. Whether it’s an unusual product or a new destination with rigorous import documentation requirements, we will ensure that your product arrives with your customer – exactly when it should.

Regular customers of our Specialist Freight Services and of Transvalair know that nothing phases us. Ask us to take a delicate mould to China – no problem. Got a bulky load that needs delivering direct to a production line with specialist unloading criteria? Need experienced project cargo? We’ll make the links and get it moving.

Our specialist freight services includes:

  • Full & part charters
  • Abnormal loads
  • Specialist destinations
  • Specialist equipment
  • Conventional Equipment
  • Ro/Ro