Freight Forwarder Felixstowe

When it comes to getting your goods to where they need to be at a budget that suits you, then be sure to get in touch with our team here at Transvalair, an exceptional freight forwarder Felixstowe. Our Worldwide Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions company has years of experience in getting your goods from A to B in a way that is both highly organised and exceptionally well carried out. As a prominent freight forwarder Felixstowe, we make the most of our office’s location and use the proximity between the port in Felixstowe to ensure that our shipments are completed in a straightforward and timely manner.

At Transvalair, we pride ourselves on being a leading freight forwarder Felixstowe. We have offices in other parts of the UK, including Crawley and Gatwick, as well as one in Dubai too, which is what makes us a fantastic choice in dealing with all of your freight forwarding needs. Our purpose built warehouse is perfectly located in Martlesham, Felixstowe, and allows us to be close to the UK’s largest container terminal at Felixstowe.

Transvalocean is part of the Transvalair group and operates in this region, offering a dedicated sea freight forwarding service from the UK to other parts of the world. This service perfectly complements our existing air, sea and road freight operations and has been going strong for the past seven years. The move to the new 15,000sq ft. warehouse was the next logical step for the expanding business for our freight forwarding company.

Freight Forwarding Company Felixstowe

The growth that Transvalair experienced meant that we had to consider expanding to a more prominent location, which is why you will now find Transvalocean situated in Felixstowe. The Transvalocean office reflects the company’s increasing volume of sea freight shipments and the need for storage and warehousing facilities. It also enables Transvalocean to take complete control of all import and export shipments, from customs clearance through to final delivery, thus speeding up the whole process and improving security.

Our freight forwarding company is passionate about being able to do the upmost to benefit our customers. One of the things that our office in Felixstowe can offer is storage, for example.

“Storage in the UK is highly sought after, with our new freight forwarder Felixstowe premises we can not only provide greater storage options but offer even more services for the loading, unloading and distribution of goods.” said Greg Palmer, Sales Executive at Transvalocean. “Customers really appreciate the personal touch, and we here at Transvalocean can offer such a service to all our customers backed up with our versatility and constant pursuit of excellence.”

If you are looking for a freight forwarding company who will be able to put your needs at the heart of everything they do, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Transvalair.

Services available from Felixstowe include:

  • Export packing
  • Container loading and de-vanning
  • Air-freight palletisation
  • Hazardous goods handling
  • Bonded warehousing

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