Our Fleet

Freight forwarding can often be stressful, especially for busy businesses. Our dedicated and driven team understands that fact at Transvalair, and will go the extra mile to ensure your goods are transported from A to B in quick time without compromising the amount of care that we will take with your items. Being the best Freight Forwarder Gatwick has to offer means that not only does our fleet complete the journey in efficient time, but they also do it on low emissions, keeping the planet safe and preserving the environment as much as possible.

Pallets can become exceedingly heavy, but that’s never an issue for our fleet at Transvalair. Our trucks can ensure that deliveries up to a staggering 44,000kgs can be transported across the country by using tail lifts, sided trailers and many more. Even though we offer incredible air and sea freight services, our new road fleet has become very important part of our services, especially for that doesn’t need to be transported across the globe. With our team of careful fleet drivers, your goods are guaranteed to be delivered in excellent condition, no matter how long the journey is.

What Can Our Fleet Can Offer You?

Being a Freight Forwarder Gatwick trusts, we need to ensure our road freight forwarding services are as pristine as possible. Before our outstanding fleet was introduced to road freight, sending your goods across the UK could be stressful and challenging. However, the ability to transport your goods across the country is essential for business, as it’s the epitome of trade for many.

At Transvalair, we are able to provide you with fast and reliable road shipping thanks to our economically-friendly fleet. We understand how important it is for companies to have their goods delivered on time, so that’s exactly what we do as the best Freight Forwarder Gatwick has. Our skilful fleet are able to provide you with road freight forwarding solutions, so no matter what you’re transporting across the UK, there will be a road shipping service perfect for your requirements!

Unfortunately, freight services across the UK have become very expensive over the years, which is why at Transvalair, we provide our services for very affordable prices. Most small businesses need to secure cost-effective road freight forwarding services in order to maintain their profits, and we understand that. Therefore, our fleet have affordable delivery options for full and part load road shipping, ensuring that the transportation of your goods can commence without costing you bucket-loads of money.

Unlike fleets from other freight forwarding companies, we are able to provide our clients with professional road logistics, which are very important if you want your delivery to be completed on time. Therefore, included in our road logistics are full and part load services, hazardous cargo, standard economy and express services and many more. We care deeply about the needs of our clients, which is why our fleet is able to offer a variety of professional road logistics to ensure your road freight is completed to the highest standard possible.

If you’d like to find out more about our fleet and what they’re capable of, why not contact us at our Gatwick office on +44 (0) 1293 618617 today? We are always more than happy to help.