About Us

The Transvalair Group is a BIFA (British International Freight Association) approved freight forwarder. Our head office is located at London Gatwick (LGW) and offer a dedicated service in Dubai (DXB), the gateway to the Middle East. We also focus on the newly industrialised Asia-Europe and Intra-Asian markets with distinctive route networks serving these key areas. Founded in 1976, we are 40 next year. Transvalair Group has a reputation for reliable, first-class and cost-effective worldwide logistic solutions.

We operate international freight companies, by air, sea and road, for a wide variety of clients across a range of industries. The company has re-branded its portfolio of freight handling services to include Transvalair (Gatwick), Transvalroad (Gatwick), Transvalocean (Felixstowe) and Transvalfreight. Our Portfolio simply gives customers the necessary tools to find the exact service that they need.


We specialise in taking the ordinary to extraordinary places – and the extraordinary to ordinary places. In short, if you’ve got something that needs to go somewhere, we’ll make it happen. From a full container of concrete blocks to a hand-selected diamond, our global logistics network has been developed to provide you with flexibility, speed and efficiency.

Over the years we have transported almost everything, from Maclaren sports cars to armoured vehicles, and works of art to oil and gas works equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re transporting paperclips to plant machinery – Transvalair’s freight forwarding & cargo handling services will get it where it needs to be. Whatever the load size, destination or documentation requirement, our logistics team will create an individual programme to meet your deadline. Whether from Gatwick or Gallipoli, we have the ability to offer reliable, high quality solutions.

“We specialise in taking the ordinary to extraordinary places.”

At Transvalair Group, our worldwide freight forwarding and cargo handling solutions mean that your goods are in safe hands. Our comprehensive service includes packing, documentation, import handling and warehousing. Our global network enables us to offer full import, export and cross trade services worldwide. We offer customers supply and demand chain solutions with a flexibility and responsiveness to market and customer dynamics. Years of experience mean that we know what works – Customer satisfaction, peace of mind and high quality service. For shipments encompassing a variety of transport solutions please contact Transvalair head office at LGW in the first instance.